2015年6月23日 (火)

Remember that once

The Chinese people in the eyes of the world is a world of basic water fire and earth, in which water flow, is also the most enchanting wonderful one. She can be a polar glacier, winding rivers and under the clear blue with a white cloud, also can be in the early morning of tenuous clouds, mountains branch evenly daub a drop of drop of dew, also can be a misty rain, snow, the sky a shiny red. Which memory is the most let me forget about the rain.
Without the changing of the seasons, daily always four spring-like, the world will have to is the rain of the world, that this is how dull and tasteless. My world because of the existence of the rain also become extraordinarily beautiful.
Drizzly day is half moon, always can hear the roar of the night rain, rapid raindrop battle the majesty of the wind, eager to break into the house, trying to beat on the window, a hurry a little, but always escapes glass relentless sniper. This will also be accompanied by floor footsteps running in the rain, and the sudden a few. Each is at this time, lying in bed I always did Sarah laugh, and others in the open-air bath.
They occasionally think of that once the rain, and that once yourself.
Remember before the age of seven I waipojia, always can think of when I was a child living in the countryside caves, small yard of the xi resembles rain, grandma is sitting on the kang hello I drink porridge that picture. Now she has grey hair, eyes also did not have the original light. Spring Festival to visit her home, until I went up to her to pull her already withered hands, she didn't see is the man who is I to the original, in the eyes of tears streamed already, dripping on my hands. I SOB to say a word, the tears have wet my cheek. I know that this moment will be like the moment when I was a child, deep forever engraved on my memory.
There is also a sister's memories in the rain. About the summer of that year, he graduated from junior high school this home after I test. Is catch up with the rain, the mother let me to pick up in the morning to go to school didn't bring umbrella's sister, I was wearing a little leaky boots off about half an hour, but the rain, the heart may be agitated, can wait until my sister out of college to see I stand at the door waiting for her, grinning came running towards me, I know that my heart is happy. Now sister also new mothers, have their own home. I am a person wandering outside, every time I think of her, I'm afraid it was the memories will be slightly smooth my heart to the poor.
Time, so the rain in the rain again, put those pieces of memory deeply buried in my heart, so that when I was in the next rain, recalled once

2015年6月16日 (火)

Time Nick

Turn over time mill, at the end of 2014, covered himself this year seems to be better than the previous year's own a little, are thinking at this time of the year, Dream beauty pro hard sell there are two or three months of this year was over, do not want to appear what accident, also do not want the vigorous, placidly walk the line, every year is to think so, but many years in a row are nearly at the end of the year when an accident, just like himself once said, accidentally met an accident, really good helpless. How much he had to leave their future in their own hands, but a lot of people don't support their walk this path.
There are times when you really seem like back in time for twenty years, they may not be born. Life may be so, in the face of time really good weak Dream beauty pro hard sell, oneself out of 19 years old, and now twenty years old, always feel that time is not enough, really feel the time is not enough, but still there are a lot of things to himself in a dilemma. Sometimes, it seems that you really like to say people who want to live free and easy, don't care about anything. But most of the time and can't do. Has twenty years of time away from our hands, and how many twenty years. Time of grinding, grinding his own a lot of things. A dream of red mansions, said: "the whole world know good fairy, only fame cannot forget!
Ancient and modern group in where? Abandoned grave a pile of grass! Forget the whole world know good fairy, only gold and silver! Eventually the hate together without much, and the long eyes closed! The world all know the fairy, Dream beauty pro hard sell only one wife never forget! Your birthday day say kindness, you die with people go again! The whole world know good fairy, only children forget! Infatuation parents more gaumata, filial children who see? "Similar to how buddhist down. But really put under? How many times he does not like to go, is not very big dreams, mediocre life quietly, why give yourself so much pressure? This is he has been asked myself. But until now still can't understand! Time to let us understand a lot of things, time is fair. Time, nu skin our time is how much is left?

2015年3月25日 (水)

To strive for more life state

Some people, like a state of solitary. The wind, he will only look at the wind flow around him; As king, and he will only look at the vegetation of flowers of an image; Such as, can only look at the status quo and he alive. He did not go to think that the wind come from, HKUE amec and where to go, why there are big and small, have cool cool?
The vegetation of flowers, spring, summer, fall, how can have different color, HKUE ENG and why there will be a long buds, leaves, withered and dry? This is for the sake of what live life as usual, is for the sake of the walking dead the grave to mud? There are numerous such as numerous state, did not go to think, or want to go to the performance, to compete for, but let the natural law to guide their nison sunset.
Far do not say, see don't speak, that close, see why don't you go and fight for the new state? A condition in which the eyes only dull, the life will at first to rich and colorful! Man is to live together and eat and drink pull scatter sleep through out HKUE ENG, life is with those who hinder you live constantly struggle. Whether poor or rich, who are you with the performance of the collision.
Some people would say, which bother to fight poverty! Generates a kind of thinking, that is living well. So, how do you to live? Wait for a can live well, don't fight block can live well? Life, even if you don't go to fight, strive for more new state, and those who hinder you also will come. In this case, the life have to be in a state of dizzying variety to performance, to fight for the new state Dream beauty pro hard sell, really carry themselves living life.

2015年3月 3日 (火)

Greed at the moment the picture

Last night, drunk, drunk a mood.
Hot weather, the air condensed. Dormitory filled with familiar taste culturelle, smell homesickness. Good good thick thick.
Full moon, miss fat, mid-man clear. Forehead wrinkles, temples of white hair, stooped lean back. Kindly face, a faint smile.
Quiet, everything around the dream. Tossing and turning, all the more sober-minded. Wrapped in clothes, standing at a window. Mochizuki, set foot on the road come home. Familiar with the trail, the familiar landscape, a familiar figure, familiar atmosphere. Smile has not changed, changed the face. Years did not change and it is a ring culturelle.
Yard, very clean and very comfortable. Open memories, four flashed familiar shadow. Chongni words, cheerful voice, sweet smile. A Pragmatic, a road, a piece, full of happiness.
House, every corner filled with warmth. Sofa, coffee table, desk, television, potted ...... cloth out orderly. Fade the old shoes lying on the ground Zhangzhuodazui Baan Jing, recounting years of relentless. Red and white checked the bed, dream man, smiling. Because the world is the most beautiful and the most sensible lovely child, appeared in his dream. Night sky dotted with stars, on children weaving stars. At this moment, a good hope, good hope time can slowly transfer, the dream may be slowly stretched electrical desk.
Immersed in a warm atmosphere, not willing to move on, not willing to leave. Greed picture at the moment.
Wind gently blowing, blowing forehead burst, blowing drifting heart. Meteor, thoughts away, take away the darkness.
Night, deep, who in depression? Who in?
Tears came and soaked the clothes, cool through the heart.

2015年1月 2日 (金)

Moonlight tea dependents Internati

Gently close your eyes and let your mind still go ahead. In this way, the thoughts in mind, fixed in between graceful landscape. Habit in this quiet night, listening to a Teana, Shizumori an incense, a finger will Xinyu, melting at midnight tea, the inadvertently Run the heartstrings. Will be filled with a warm heart, a fondly Han Xiang will bloom, the love of a lingering into the sea, adjustable desk in shallow years, filled with the intoxicating sweets.
Moonlight nostalgic, romantic tea, wandering around in the world of love and warm fragrant. Tonight, a wisp of a shower of petals, swaying a hint of fragrance. A cotton Kansui rumor, Sophie tried yearning love long. Juqi years of vast, either purple Xiangxi in gentle moonlight trickling flow. Li Sisi has your season in soft, long-lasting fragrance indemnity. Let winter roses, blooming intoxicating fragrance.
Several lights the fire, covered with Acacia Xuan window, cold in the winter who weathered stained fleeting. Half a cup of tea in hand, quietly taste, little drunk, so lingering in the tea dance, so that love Qiannian mind every now and then. Little by little, gently melt in my heart arms, deeply attached to long joy. All of the beautiful, blooming into fresh perfumed tidbits, love long love affair, I Hua Yi Sang.
Gentle moonlight, demure, graceful. A kite quiet off the window, the title in a cinnabar eyebrows, that I miss you deeply. Getting cold season, warm read afterlife. Pen in a row the word you want. Like to wish every one bloom into your look. Every moment will be better when a bloom enchanting, in a gentle smile finger in the moonlight ray sway in the breeze wound dressed. Quiet joy, love drunk for you.
Flowers make the youth, moonset Shadow Creek, who precipitated the haze of time? Years who piled thoughts? Beautiful bright red leaf, Qin drunk who's a paper-hearted? Crosses touch of Zi Yan, who meddle lingering tenderness? A beautiful story bridge between the nostalgic gaze away with the soulful, Yin drunk one evening Tobacco gentle stream electrical desk. Any wind rolled snow romantic color, fragrance in Shuiyun.
Sitting quietly covered with wisteria window, slowly listening to romantic flowers, Qingxin soft, elegant and soft cotton. Aroma in the fingers, my heart germinating thoughts, feelings with my dedication, for your tenderness Yiyi exhausting, endless love, accompany you through the steady warmth. Skim crescent mind, Wen Yihuai tempting, your heart filled with the slightest warmth, heart Dangqi lingering fragrance. Have you, tomorrow the sun is still warm.
The dough the night sky, slender rain, water curtain Manjuan. Under the purple umbrella, put your arms pour into the room, he was all heart and love, eat only a lingering shadow in Xiangxi, in the dim streamer in sight tempting to listen to your mind and in the heart of misty rain, in the wind light rain in Hong listening rain sleep in Daisy fishing boat in sing enchanted evening, stranding love the touch of winter. Bent gentle, elegant Half my world have you, very warm ......
Quiet night, lights glass waterfront, misty, dim. Whether snow filled my thoughts into your side, if the wind slowly put my tie him to your heart, fences, but if you leave me to miss the affectionate dyed white quartzite. Snowflakes have down, adjustable desk warm a tree flowers, a pregnant surplus care, bursting out sparks soul enchanted downtown.
Time of the waterfront, carrying flowers overflowing love. However, with the end of the years between thoughts, Wanru a purple bloom in late winter Xuan, warm heart, love cotton. If love heart, clear and warm. Fine chemicals Zhancha incense, tie him to love a warm, the abundance of the heart in a warm lingering tenderness. The thoughts of light left in the wind, the joy deep in the heart, with a tinge of text for you to write a memo affectionate attachment.
All thoughts, all the expectations, if the flowers in mind when warm, fall in love eyebrows in embracing the butterfly feeling soft lingering rain. Today, you smile dependents America, the United States if the tender and beautiful, soft drink in a Wang Qingquan trickling in at a leisurely flying in Xinyu. Truth dependencies, accompanied by warm, so today's OK bound, engraved in the heart wall, collected in forever.

2014年11月 7日 (金)

Our pursuit of happiness

In the depths of the night, like to see the lights, see the creases curtain lights are illuminated, imagine the story of each grid under the window. Seemingly prosaic end of the day, in fact, has been full of stories bred from. Different plot, different reasons, different love and hate, tired and worried, so the flavor of the story will never be the same. Like every one of us adept BU green onion pancake, each made out of taste is radically different. Some salt slightly heavy, some slightly spicy thick, some slightly oily. Are just a taste of all in hobbies, and ten million kinds of flavors is ten million kinds of life adjustable desk.
Increasing lack of exchange between people, modern communication tools mobile phone does not render it a soft side, people often mistakenly confused I do not know who to call. When people's attention uniform network, but inadvertently abandoned their spiritual home, leaving the network on now are like a loner prototype. In substance highly affluent today, people's happiness index is hovering does not increase.
People are still much looked down search their hearts, souls ask whether the growth in the strong? Does walking in goodness and justice, pay and gratitude on the road? Or will lift his head concerned people around, listen to them stories, listen to their bravery Yihuo fragile, happy or will helpless, and then decide who's who of the help more? young and old, hold together for warmth, to rich to the poor, by virtue of gratitude is always fresh and pure soul warmth orientation.
Perhaps lively illuminates the inner world more desolate, material and spiritual are not synchronized, like a bad word, but Christians have expensive decor, and did not complement each other's beauty, only occasionally brought it to unsuspecting people to show off some, regarded as a dark circle of vanity culturelle.
Or put aside all style and no substance, concerns that would not run nothingness emotional line between people. More than a greeting call, one more time to listen, even if you have a good eloquence, please put a stable state of mind more than happy to listen to others or will nag, one more initiative to help others, when others encounter difficulties. Over time, you will find the warmth of the intentions of cultivated flowers, its aroma to reach the depths of the human soul, nourish your internal organs.
When you have bread when share a little to others. When you have Xianxin time, multi greeting relatives and friends whether Enron. Learned in hand, in order to feel not the same heartbeat. In the kingdom of the spirit is still there to be weak and the poor, catching help we can go more calm and more power.
We want to experience and maintenance as simple as a child and kind hearted, happy smile, happy to help. Age is confidence, wisdom, wealth, but it must not be lost are those simple goodness, natural care, soft filial piety and humility Thanksgiving, so this way hair transplant, we can find that happy standing in the center of their own lives.
Thank life, it allows us to see beyond the stars full of empty, the more flowers all over the floor. May we all mindful of, do 一枚 humble leaves, branches by force, and for others Qingqi a cool, let the flowers of life forever in people's innermost vivid bloom, then flowers, then is our pursuit of happiness.

2014年10月14日 (火)

Find your footprint

I look up at the sky and saw a large Various Artists, I know you quietly come. I hillside overlooking saw cenglinjinran, I know you quietly come. I went into the orchard and saw fruitful, I know you quietly come. I came to the garden Ergonomic seating, smell the fragrance of chrysanthemum, I know you quietly come.
I found you from the sky. Blue day, seems to be the same as the sea washed. No matter where clouds drifted like to endless blue cloth embroidered with white flowers. Dayan queue lined up neatly in the air, while a "human" shape, while they become "one" shape, they're flying to the warm south.
I found you on the slope Natural stone. Hill and dale Maple stained a piece of hillside. Ginkgo biloba on the hillside like handfuls of small fan, dressed in golden clothes, fan away hot summer, autumn brings cool. Conifers on the slopes as if a brave warrior, dressed in green uniforms, to defend our homeland.
I found you from the orchard. Apple put blushed shyly. Grape purple light shining in on us smile jimmy wong. Pomegranate god the big mouth, revealing a ruby-like teeth. The persimmon it, like a little lantern covered with branches.
I found you from the garden. Garden chrysanthemums mix, some vibrant stood, heads bowed, some shyly, as well as gently shaking hands. Breeze blowing, smell the smell nuskin hk.
Big Various Artists, cenglinjinran fruit of their labor, Chrysanthemum bloom, I love you, fall!

2014年8月21日 (木)

The leaders of lethal injection

An anesthesiologist said he would no longer act as an expert witness for states defending their lethal injection methods, creating another hurdle for corrections departments scrambling to find workable execution systems.
Mark Dershwitz, a University of Massachusetts anesthesiologist and pharmacologist, Handmade accessories was the expert called by Ohio in support of its new two-drug combination that led to a troubling 26-minute execution in January. The same drug combination led to a nearly two-hour execution in Arizona last month, raising more questions about the drugs.
Dershwitz was a leading expert for prison officials, having offered his opinions for 22 states and the federal government over the past decade.
He announced his decision to terminate his role in June, saying Ohio had jeopardized his standing with the American Board of Anesthesiology in a news release it issued about the Jan. 16 execution of Dennis McGuire.
State lawyers "discussed the events and observations of the McGuire execution with its expert witness, Dr. Mark Dershwitz," the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction said in that April 28 document.
The news release concluded that McGuire was put to death humanely, but "to allay any remaining concerns," the state also said it was upping the dosages of the two-drug method Direct Subsidy School.
Anesthesiologists aren't allowed to play any role in the creation of an execution system. Dershwitz said there was no discussion: The state merely informed him of what happened.
"Although it is still too early to determine if there will be any permanent actions taken against me, the mistakes made by Ohio in the April press release could apparently happen again because of the lack of necessary review processes," Dershwitz said in an announcement he sent to several states June 18.
"I cannot take that chance and will therefore terminate my role as an expert witness on behalf of Ohio and all other states and the federal government."
The state acknowledged Dershwitz's version of the events in an April 30 follow-up letter to him obtained by The Associated Press, saying he had no role in the decision to increase the drug amounts.
But it was too late, Dershwitz said.
"I just realized that this is a risk that I choose not to take," he said in a phone interview late Tuesday.
Dershwitz's decision to stop testifying for state prison systems was first reported by The New Republic.
Ohio said it might need Dershwitz again as an expert witness in upcoming executions, according to the April 30 letter. The state declined to comment on Dershwitz' announcement or say whether it would obtain a new expert. In an October court filing in federal court in Ohio, Dershwitz said he was paid $450 "for review and report writing" and $3,500 a day for testimony.
His expert opinion had involved either written affidavits in support of certain methods or testimony in court, including cross-examination by defense attorneys representing condemned inmates. Judges in states including Florida, Ohio and Oklahoma have relied on his testimony in approving state execution methods.
Dershwitz said he stands by the expert witness testimony he gave last year about Ohio's two-drug protocol. He said he doesn't believe McGuire suffered nuskin hk, contrary to allegations in a civil rights lawsuit by McGuire's family, and the opinion of another anesthesiologist hired by the family's attorneys.
People commonly make snoring or sputtering sounds after being given anesthesia, Dershwitz said.
"Everything I said in Ohio is true and I stand behind it," he said.
The news of Dershwitz's retirement as a lethal injection expert witness comes as states are running out of execution drugs and having difficulty finding alternatives.
It will likely be difficult for any state to find an experienced anesthesiologist willing to argue some of the medical opinions that Dershwitz provided, said Dr. Mark Heath, a Columbia University anesthesiologist who often testifies for inmates challenging injection methods.
In particular, Dershwitz was an advocate for the two-drug method involving the sedative midazolam and the painkiller hydromorphone, the two drugs used in the prolonged Ohio and Arizona executions, Heath said.
"I think it's very unlikely that any other medical experts who are familiar with these drugs will be willing to support that drug combination jimmy wong," Heath said.
The states where Dershwitz provided expert opinion are Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

2014年8月13日 (水)

Hydraulic fracturing method


THE DEPARTMENT OF Communications, Energy and Natural Resources has issued a response to the decision by Northern Ireland’s Environment Minister Mark Durkan to block fracking in the region freshwater pearl earrings.



The Department says that Durkan’s decision “is a matter for the Northern Ireland authorities” and that “no licences have been granted that would allow the use of hydraulic fracturing in exploration for unconventional gas” in Ireland.



It goes on to clarify:



There is also a commitment that applications proposing the use of this technology will not be evaluated until there has been time to study the findings of a major two-year EPA led research programme that is about to commence which will consider the potential impacts on the environment and human health from unconventional gas exploration.



Sinn Féin yesterday welcomed the announcement by the Northern Irish Environment Minister Mark Durkan that Australian company Tamboran had been denied permission to carry out deep bore test drilling in Belcoo, Fermanagh.



The party have also expressed strong opposition to proposed fracking in the Republic of Ireland. In a statement on the issue Cellmax, Durkan said:



In making this assessment I have been mindful of my department’s responsibility to ensure that the environment is protected at all times and that full consideration is give to any likely significant environmental impacts of such a proposal.



Tamboran’s plans to drill at Belcoo had been facing protests for a number of weeks from local protesters opposed the the proposed extraction. The Northern Irish Minister with responsibility for Energy Arlene Foster has spoken out in support of an open view towards fracking.



The DUP MLA said on the issue “I hope that people will allow an objective assessment to be made.”



It is thought that natural gas reserves underneath Leitrim and Fermanagh could be worth in the region of €50-100 billion, although nobody has been able to say this with any certainty.



Speaking about the possibility of fracking in Ireland, Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy said :



“I recently visited the site of the proposed deep bore test drilling in Belcoo and met with local campaigners. I did so because I am convinced that fracking would be detrimental to the local economy and natural environment. I would be particularly devastating for farming and tourism”.



In far too many instances in rural Ireland the concerns of local communities are ignored or dismissed.  The move by Minister Durkan was the right one.  Minister White must now follow suit nu skin hk.



Previously fracking licences were given to Tamboran Resources, The Lough Natural Gas Company and Enegi Oil in 2011 by the then Fianna Fáil Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Conor Lenihan.

2014年8月 1日 (金)

Miss you, miss you so

I hope every morning the sun will I call
I hope every evening sunset summon me
I want to close my eyes the temperature of the sun falls on the eyelashes
I want to open my eyes can see the shadows of the mottled Amethyst earrings
I hope that every corner is full of light
I hope that every room had a cup of Hot Milk
I hope that every room curtains were open
I hope that in each tree is the sun there is grass places have a bench
I hope there are benches where there is a me
Every corner of my mouth are rising radian
The air is very fresh, the sunshine is warm heart.
There is a cup of clean and clear water.
Drink clean water, clear thinking.
The day is very blue, white clouds.
Let me in the sun can ease sleep.
If you can, I think I have a sister.
Feeble woman, short life beautiful fireworks.
At that time, we took off his glasses frame, weighed down by the burden of nu skin hk.
Launches the double arm, give oneself to the nature.
Don't care about the result, do not care about the scores, do not care about the position, do not care about our future, do not care about our past, only care about us now.
Now, now, I believe you, you rely on me. We do not distrust each other, no doubt.
There is no doubt, all I do is for you, your existence is to be my only.
I have crossed the gully through the numerous hills and streams, you have already cleared the heart flutter loose fog.
Opposite you, is I, opposite to me, is pure you.
Cross ten, closely. Like the sunshine temperature. Temperature in each other once cooling of the heart.
A moment is eternity nu skin.
For a long time, I often write to you in the heart, with simple black green.
I wake up in the sunlight, hope to see you.