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2015年9月 9日 (水)

The beginning of autumn, we go to the sea

Imperceptible in, with a a rain, seems to be the heat of summer step by step away from us, followed by a cool autumn.
A summer didn't dare to go out step may be afraid of the heat of summer, fear of the sun shines on the skin with burning sensation. My favorite season is autumn, so make public, Dream beauty pro no summer summer she is gentle like a girl, but also do not break the innocent and lively.
On a crisp fall day, put down everything, to give oneself put a holiday, we go to see the sea.
We set off early, while the sun still sleepy appearance, we ride bicycle to go on the wide asphalt road, the birds with our laughter all the way.
Sun gently sprinkled on the beach, sand with a dazzling aureate, the shadow of the sun on the surface of the drag is very long, like a balloon to be straight. I sat on the beach and looked up at a piece of white cloud, close your eyes and listen carefully to the waves and the whisper of the rock, breathe gently, quietly fantasy, at this moment, the heart is quiet, Dream beauty pro the world is quiet.
Walk on the beach, barefoot, close contact with sand, sand gently scratched his arch, this kind of feeling itchy and comfortable, with feet, feel very dependable. A burst of the tide coming and leaving, relaxed, this seems to be unique massage sand and tide.
Raised his head and looked at the distance, not back we also walked on the beach, will only remember at the time of high tide, with sand pile into a wall to prevent the waves of the sea, with a blend of Shanghai water, we will write the wishes on paper and in a bottle let it drift far into the distance. Low tide most like to find an empty bottle, for some holes dug small fry crab, every time is money. Now is like a song which sings: "learned" has been changed, can be to take away the memories of the time, also only is more familiar.
Touching gentle sea breeze, I put my hand in the drift bottle throw into the distance, looked at it carried my blessing drift away. I don't care about fame fortune, Dream beauty pro just want to too much quiet life, like the drift bottle, free, unrestrained, on a crisp fall day again about friends to see the sea. Life is fair, to experience, it will send you a surprise when you inadvertently.
The beginning of autumn season, steal a day at leisure, put down everything that meta, around about the friends to go to the sea with a stomach.
The wind rustled the cheek, mixed with the flavor of the sea, it tastes like flowers, like a smile.

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