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2015年8月12日 (水)

Just looking at already enough

Commitment to hide in the heart to heart, dare not to be forgotten, care about a person, even the weight of commitment to the many, I promise to you, I should cash, but because I want you to know, you how important to me. What you say, I remember, I promise to you, I even forget such a beautiful woman, I'll try our best to win the favour of you, to do everything, Dream beauty pro is I want to do, as long as you are willing, I can do more, so a you, I treasure as natural.
List of good, you have already had no a necessity, because you have too much advantage, I like you were born to be my type, also can love who doesn't love you? Don't like you more not like others of reason, I was so like you, that you are the best girl, no one can compare with you, others again good nor I fall in love, and you only a spark of charm, let me look at you will happy, and you together to have a lot of trouble, when thinking of you, the feeling is too beautiful, I always enjoy them, as if you by my side, but we didn't speak, just watch, already enough.
Promise you, I must do it, I promise, more than my heavy affection, pay more attention to you, you are in my idea of the quantity is not comparable, occupied almost the entire heart, can not all over the world, I only want you, just want to with you, have you the world is more beautiful, have you in, Dream beauty pro will also send the gloomy sky light, is you gave me the happy, miss you make me so much that you is that you let a person feel the meaning of life is the biggest, is you let me know what is love, is you let me know that there was a man she is more important than them. All happy, all because of you, life began to glory, I more than a lot of the reason of happiness, think of you, I look at you it is a great deal of pleasure.
Said a lot of words, we know each other a lot of secrets, became best friends, I promise to make some, don't know if you remember, as long as I remember, as long as I can do, I must do it, I must do, in order to you, I am willing to do everything, everything is worth it. I promise you, I didn't tell anyone, it is to belong to our secret, I remember, and will be remembered for a lifetime, that promise is not necessary to tell others, because it is belong to our story, the two of us remember it, you may forget, but I still can live up to its promise, because you are the most important person to me, you are, and always will be.
I care about people, I will attach importance to her, told her how much I care about her, for her to do all I can do, imagine what she is doing well, the most simple concern, Dream beauty pro also flows out the most profound love, seemingly ordinary conversation, did you know that is my love? Do you know my deep love beyond words? Do you feel love send out of deep feeling? I have for you is not the same as the way and attitude, more care and attention to your behavior, I know your smile in my heart, want to know more about you, so you can more understand you, I'll give you the best care.
What is love? Love is not to pay a return, I will always accompany you, to make you happy, tell a story for you, give you tell jokes, to tell you his indiscretions, Dream beauty pro looking at you happy, I am naturally happy, that kind of joy is the joy of joy, but more than people the joy of music, happiness is simple, easy to suddenly you happy smile, I am pleased.

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