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2015年8月19日 (水)

I not once

Immediately think of twenty years old, often feel very fear. If there about ten years old is a watershed in life, then about eighteen years old is the watershed of youth. After almost 20 years old people in a group of zero zero of the world, is always a kind of uncertain feeling.
Think about before the age of 18, you are still a young beautiful girls and boys, then you, nuskin hk also like to write a rhyming poem recited repeatedly, see the movie a little tears will be moved to no, listen to the song there is an empathy lyrics will loop for a few months, like li qingzhao and li yu's words, like guo jingming and and youth novel, xiao hong and the worship of three hair free life attitude, surprised Lin huiyin perfect triangle, jing zhang ailing and xiao hong's talent, then you, also just secretly worship the excellent ta, like will only fermented green shoots in the corner.
Will you sneak into the classroom, twelve o 'clock on Christmas Eve in her drawer attractive red apple. Will you be in zero point zero in the morning to give him his New Year's day on the earliest blessing in the New Year. You will specially apply for a QQ number to add a person, she only chat with her, her space also open one for you. You wrote a few cases of note, every day through several groups of students with unconventionally v. acacia. You set up a pile of finger sign that parents saw the phone symbol type information on the blank faces. Will you still have adjust the speed of packing bag to match her and then pretended to be met at the Angle of the stairs and then go home togethernuskin hk ...
What seem to suddenly grew up, there is no experience process, exerts a type to be now. 't love spring come into my autumn, began a life rough, Boyle, feeling of life even blink, also like the meteor disappear immediately, and will not be trying to catch. Never have blush and throb, began to choose the suitable object, no white horse prince and princess Snow White, only make do with each other and will. Love poetry, no longer hate the youth novels, especially nausea, love all gone in, nuskin hk moving into his eyes into affected only four word. Zhang ailing also gradually by the cloud of existence into a real woman, wife and mother image of Lin huiyin was replaced by the fitting of the secular face, xiao hong the pursuit of freedom and loyalty to love the trade-off also let me deep in thought... Experience in ba jin flatly lightly miss shan was moved to tears, when the opposition's painful memories when river mother hid voice, struggle in the new moon and ChuYanChao pure love to cannot extricate oneself...
Maybe it is nothing bad, say a beautiful sentences, but I would say true words. Could not write a beautiful poem, but I will write the profound thoughts. It always pays to grow. Take off colorful coat, nuskin hk show a simple real internal capsule is one of the price.

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