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2015年6月16日 (火)

Time Nick

Turn over time mill, at the end of 2014, covered himself this year seems to be better than the previous year's own a little, are thinking at this time of the year, Dream beauty pro hard sell there are two or three months of this year was over, do not want to appear what accident, also do not want the vigorous, placidly walk the line, every year is to think so, but many years in a row are nearly at the end of the year when an accident, just like himself once said, accidentally met an accident, really good helpless. How much he had to leave their future in their own hands, but a lot of people don't support their walk this path.
There are times when you really seem like back in time for twenty years, they may not be born. Life may be so, in the face of time really good weak Dream beauty pro hard sell, oneself out of 19 years old, and now twenty years old, always feel that time is not enough, really feel the time is not enough, but still there are a lot of things to himself in a dilemma. Sometimes, it seems that you really like to say people who want to live free and easy, don't care about anything. But most of the time and can't do. Has twenty years of time away from our hands, and how many twenty years. Time of grinding, grinding his own a lot of things. A dream of red mansions, said: "the whole world know good fairy, only fame cannot forget!
Ancient and modern group in where? Abandoned grave a pile of grass! Forget the whole world know good fairy, only gold and silver! Eventually the hate together without much, and the long eyes closed! The world all know the fairy, Dream beauty pro hard sell only one wife never forget! Your birthday day say kindness, you die with people go again! The whole world know good fairy, only children forget! Infatuation parents more gaumata, filial children who see? "Similar to how buddhist down. But really put under? How many times he does not like to go, is not very big dreams, mediocre life quietly, why give yourself so much pressure? This is he has been asked myself. But until now still can't understand! Time to let us understand a lot of things, time is fair. Time, nu skin our time is how much is left?

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