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2015年6月23日 (火)

Remember that once

The Chinese people in the eyes of the world is a world of basic water fire and earth, in which water flow, is also the most enchanting wonderful one. She can be a polar glacier, winding rivers and under the clear blue with a white cloud, also can be in the early morning of tenuous clouds, mountains branch evenly daub a drop of drop of dew, also can be a misty rain, snow, the sky a shiny red. Which memory is the most let me forget about the rain.
Without the changing of the seasons, daily always four spring-like, the world will have to is the rain of the world, that this is how dull and tasteless. My world because of the existence of the rain also become extraordinarily beautiful.
Drizzly day is half moon, always can hear the roar of the night rain, rapid raindrop battle the majesty of the wind, eager to break into the house, trying to beat on the window, a hurry a little, but always escapes glass relentless sniper. This will also be accompanied by floor footsteps running in the rain, and the sudden a few. Each is at this time, lying in bed I always did Sarah laugh, and others in the open-air bath.
They occasionally think of that once the rain, and that once yourself.
Remember before the age of seven I waipojia, always can think of when I was a child living in the countryside caves, small yard of the xi resembles rain, grandma is sitting on the kang hello I drink porridge that picture. Now she has grey hair, eyes also did not have the original light. Spring Festival to visit her home, until I went up to her to pull her already withered hands, she didn't see is the man who is I to the original, in the eyes of tears streamed already, dripping on my hands. I SOB to say a word, the tears have wet my cheek. I know that this moment will be like the moment when I was a child, deep forever engraved on my memory.
There is also a sister's memories in the rain. About the summer of that year, he graduated from junior high school this home after I test. Is catch up with the rain, the mother let me to pick up in the morning to go to school didn't bring umbrella's sister, I was wearing a little leaky boots off about half an hour, but the rain, the heart may be agitated, can wait until my sister out of college to see I stand at the door waiting for her, grinning came running towards me, I know that my heart is happy. Now sister also new mothers, have their own home. I am a person wandering outside, every time I think of her, I'm afraid it was the memories will be slightly smooth my heart to the poor.
Time, so the rain in the rain again, put those pieces of memory deeply buried in my heart, so that when I was in the next rain, recalled once

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