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2015年5月13日 (水)

Accidental discoveries

Out of the window, the aperture of brick and tile, with a green growing, silent, so quietly growing...
The first time I saw you, like the summer vacation in July. Through the window and see your little figure, I was so surprised. Pale green leaf, stem slightly purple, deeply rooted in the tiny crack in the brick and tile. Look, Dream beauty pro is very delicate, but in the dust in the wind, but still fail in the breeze.
Amazing, it's you that encouraging vitality, unexpected, is that you can survive in such environment. The roof tile, such an environment, not so bad in qinghai plateau, nor as comfortable high-grade greenhouse. Want to survive and grow grew up, also is not easy.
I found a surprise, surprise at the same time, Dream beauty pro also be pleasantly surprised. Can not help but bold guess: that year of wind, you never known distance, blow to this piece of heaven and earth. From now on, you ended the drift from place to place, adrift journey to stray, to settle down. Gap, can absorb nutrients, are few and far between, more sunlight is less than half. You can only, in this rainy weather, to drink a full. No light, you really can't live forever? You ask yourself. Of course, the answer is no. You don't complain, no retreat into more, but with a firm conviction, indomitable willpower, lived, and vibrant.
Day after day, time like water flowing away from the fingers. I'm more like looking out of the window, always looking for you, that the figure of a bit green, look at you day after day thrive, as if also become hopeful. Will always think of, in the second day, you can grow a bud, or another leaf Dream beauty pro.
Floating dust in the wind, you figure graceful, stands may look back, you in smile...
Early in the morning, the dew on blade, yi yi is unripe brightness, hey, the time, HKUE ENG is that you?

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