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2015年1月 2日 (金)

Moonlight tea dependents Internati

Gently close your eyes and let your mind still go ahead. In this way, the thoughts in mind, fixed in between graceful landscape. Habit in this quiet night, listening to a Teana, Shizumori an incense, a finger will Xinyu, melting at midnight tea, the inadvertently Run the heartstrings. Will be filled with a warm heart, a fondly Han Xiang will bloom, the love of a lingering into the sea, adjustable desk in shallow years, filled with the intoxicating sweets.
Moonlight nostalgic, romantic tea, wandering around in the world of love and warm fragrant. Tonight, a wisp of a shower of petals, swaying a hint of fragrance. A cotton Kansui rumor, Sophie tried yearning love long. Juqi years of vast, either purple Xiangxi in gentle moonlight trickling flow. Li Sisi has your season in soft, long-lasting fragrance indemnity. Let winter roses, blooming intoxicating fragrance.
Several lights the fire, covered with Acacia Xuan window, cold in the winter who weathered stained fleeting. Half a cup of tea in hand, quietly taste, little drunk, so lingering in the tea dance, so that love Qiannian mind every now and then. Little by little, gently melt in my heart arms, deeply attached to long joy. All of the beautiful, blooming into fresh perfumed tidbits, love long love affair, I Hua Yi Sang.
Gentle moonlight, demure, graceful. A kite quiet off the window, the title in a cinnabar eyebrows, that I miss you deeply. Getting cold season, warm read afterlife. Pen in a row the word you want. Like to wish every one bloom into your look. Every moment will be better when a bloom enchanting, in a gentle smile finger in the moonlight ray sway in the breeze wound dressed. Quiet joy, love drunk for you.
Flowers make the youth, moonset Shadow Creek, who precipitated the haze of time? Years who piled thoughts? Beautiful bright red leaf, Qin drunk who's a paper-hearted? Crosses touch of Zi Yan, who meddle lingering tenderness? A beautiful story bridge between the nostalgic gaze away with the soulful, Yin drunk one evening Tobacco gentle stream electrical desk. Any wind rolled snow romantic color, fragrance in Shuiyun.
Sitting quietly covered with wisteria window, slowly listening to romantic flowers, Qingxin soft, elegant and soft cotton. Aroma in the fingers, my heart germinating thoughts, feelings with my dedication, for your tenderness Yiyi exhausting, endless love, accompany you through the steady warmth. Skim crescent mind, Wen Yihuai tempting, your heart filled with the slightest warmth, heart Dangqi lingering fragrance. Have you, tomorrow the sun is still warm.
The dough the night sky, slender rain, water curtain Manjuan. Under the purple umbrella, put your arms pour into the room, he was all heart and love, eat only a lingering shadow in Xiangxi, in the dim streamer in sight tempting to listen to your mind and in the heart of misty rain, in the wind light rain in Hong listening rain sleep in Daisy fishing boat in sing enchanted evening, stranding love the touch of winter. Bent gentle, elegant Half my world have you, very warm ......
Quiet night, lights glass waterfront, misty, dim. Whether snow filled my thoughts into your side, if the wind slowly put my tie him to your heart, fences, but if you leave me to miss the affectionate dyed white quartzite. Snowflakes have down, adjustable desk warm a tree flowers, a pregnant surplus care, bursting out sparks soul enchanted downtown.
Time of the waterfront, carrying flowers overflowing love. However, with the end of the years between thoughts, Wanru a purple bloom in late winter Xuan, warm heart, love cotton. If love heart, clear and warm. Fine chemicals Zhancha incense, tie him to love a warm, the abundance of the heart in a warm lingering tenderness. The thoughts of light left in the wind, the joy deep in the heart, with a tinge of text for you to write a memo affectionate attachment.
All thoughts, all the expectations, if the flowers in mind when warm, fall in love eyebrows in embracing the butterfly feeling soft lingering rain. Today, you smile dependents America, the United States if the tender and beautiful, soft drink in a Wang Qingquan trickling in at a leisurely flying in Xinyu. Truth dependencies, accompanied by warm, so today's OK bound, engraved in the heart wall, collected in forever.

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