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2014年11月 7日 (金)

Our pursuit of happiness

In the depths of the night, like to see the lights, see the creases curtain lights are illuminated, imagine the story of each grid under the window. Seemingly prosaic end of the day, in fact, has been full of stories bred from. Different plot, different reasons, different love and hate, tired and worried, so the flavor of the story will never be the same. Like every one of us adept BU green onion pancake, each made out of taste is radically different. Some salt slightly heavy, some slightly spicy thick, some slightly oily. Are just a taste of all in hobbies, and ten million kinds of flavors is ten million kinds of life adjustable desk.
Increasing lack of exchange between people, modern communication tools mobile phone does not render it a soft side, people often mistakenly confused I do not know who to call. When people's attention uniform network, but inadvertently abandoned their spiritual home, leaving the network on now are like a loner prototype. In substance highly affluent today, people's happiness index is hovering does not increase.
People are still much looked down search their hearts, souls ask whether the growth in the strong? Does walking in goodness and justice, pay and gratitude on the road? Or will lift his head concerned people around, listen to them stories, listen to their bravery Yihuo fragile, happy or will helpless, and then decide who's who of the help more? young and old, hold together for warmth, to rich to the poor, by virtue of gratitude is always fresh and pure soul warmth orientation.
Perhaps lively illuminates the inner world more desolate, material and spiritual are not synchronized, like a bad word, but Christians have expensive decor, and did not complement each other's beauty, only occasionally brought it to unsuspecting people to show off some, regarded as a dark circle of vanity culturelle.
Or put aside all style and no substance, concerns that would not run nothingness emotional line between people. More than a greeting call, one more time to listen, even if you have a good eloquence, please put a stable state of mind more than happy to listen to others or will nag, one more initiative to help others, when others encounter difficulties. Over time, you will find the warmth of the intentions of cultivated flowers, its aroma to reach the depths of the human soul, nourish your internal organs.
When you have bread when share a little to others. When you have Xianxin time, multi greeting relatives and friends whether Enron. Learned in hand, in order to feel not the same heartbeat. In the kingdom of the spirit is still there to be weak and the poor, catching help we can go more calm and more power.
We want to experience and maintenance as simple as a child and kind hearted, happy smile, happy to help. Age is confidence, wisdom, wealth, but it must not be lost are those simple goodness, natural care, soft filial piety and humility Thanksgiving, so this way hair transplant, we can find that happy standing in the center of their own lives.
Thank life, it allows us to see beyond the stars full of empty, the more flowers all over the floor. May we all mindful of, do 一枚 humble leaves, branches by force, and for others Qingqi a cool, let the flowers of life forever in people's innermost vivid bloom, then flowers, then is our pursuit of happiness.

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